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Wear Your Wellness

Experience the restorative balance of acupressure & acupuncture with the simplicity of a patch

Your Body and Infrared


Did you know that your body naturally emits heat in the form of infrared energy? The use of specific wavelengths of light onto the surface of your skin stimulates nerves which in turn elicit a biomechanical response from the body.  This is known as photo-biomodulation and is the basis for phototherapy.  This science has been around for about 100 years, using light to improve the health of the body.

Superior Outcomes in a Single Process

The patented mechanisms and protocols allow your fitter to see in real time the changes in your foot, ankle, knee, and back. The inserts are molded using the specially formulated VFAS FootAligner, while you stand in a perfectly aligned position – custom weight-bearing inserts that provide instant feedback and effectiveness…all in under 15 minutes!


"For three years I suffered constantly with chronic plantar fasciitis and heel spurs. I'd spent thousands on specialist doctors, but nothing worked. Words cannot express how my VFAS orthotics have changed my life. I can walk and run and have no pain in my feet whatsoever."

- Diane B

“The VFAS Inserts immediately relieved the pain in my hips and my sciatic pain running down my legs. I highly recommend these to anyone that experiences similar pain! “

- Janice D

What They're Saying

“As a former Div I golfer and current mid-amateur competitor, I could not be more impressed with the VFAS orthotics. I was contemplating withdrawing from an upcoming event due to nagging second metatarsal capsulitis. I had already spent hundreds of dollars on custom orthotics and even more a various shoes, all with no relief. My other orthotics were fitted via an iPad app while my foot was dangling off the edge of a table… certainly not in a functional weight bearing position or one I would swing a club in. Not to mention, they took weeks to arrive. The VFAS orthotics were fitted in weight bearing and the fitter made numerous live adjustments based on how my feet reacted. In about ten minutes, I walked away with enough immediate relief to walk all 18 holes. Most importantly, this relief allowed me to actually participate in the necessary exercises I was prescribed by a Physical Therapist. Presently, I have no pain while walking or playing golf, I can complete 30 consecutive single leg heel raises on both sides with equal height, and I have gradually weaned off from use of the VFAS orthotics. My VFAS orthotics, even though heavily worn initially, have not lost shape/form or support. Thank you VFAS and to the therapists who took the time and effort to develop a convenient method for orthotic fabrication in a functional weight bearing position!”

-Rye Stinson  - 2019 Southern Maryland Amateur Champion

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