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Henry Elloso

Founder/AOPP Certified Practitioner


Henry Elloso was born and raised in Southern NJ across from Philadelphia. He graduated from Rutgers University and his background is comprised of over 22 years in orthopedic medical device, including heading the #1 nationally ranked territory of PEMF for bone growth stimulation of non-union fractures and spinal fusions. He has always had a passion of helping others in pain, improving functionality and overall wellness.


In 2019, he began providing sales to clinicians and service (sessions for individuals) of non-operative therapeutic modalities being used by professional sports teams to increase functionality and decrease pain, without the use of opioids or undergoing surgery. Starting with low-energy focused shockwave, Henry has now added high-powered PEMF from Aura Wellness and its sister company, Magna Wave, after being impressed by the outcomes of each manufacturers' devices for not only human patients, but for the veterinary world.


“I’m very excited to include the full line of Aura Wellness and Magna Wave products into my business model. Their line of devices provide a value-added option for my entire range of clients.” Henry is a Magna Wave Certified Practitioner for humans, small and large animals. He recently returned to Southern California after spending a year in Charlotte, NC with his two Boston Terriers, where he held an active partnership with the PGA Carolinas Section along with offering sales and sessions to clinicians and individuals experiencing pain or are seeking to improve overall wellness.

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