Take A Step Beyond Custom

Form-Fit Foot Inserts To Make You Feel and Move Better in Under 15 Minutes

The Future of Foot Health Begins with Proper Alignment

The Vertical Foot Aligner process is different because the fitting and manufacturing of your insert is done while you stand with your full weight on the VFAS FootAligner, giving a more accurate, comfortable fit.


Doesn’t it make sense to address your foot pain by correcting the alignment of your feet while your body is bearing the load as you are standing? By approaching your biomechanical issues this way we can be certain that the shape of the finished insert will be as they are intended – an exact fit for your feet.

Superior Outcomes in a Single Process

The patented mechanisms and protocols allow your fitter to see in real time the changes in your foot, ankle, knee, and back. The inserts are molded using the specially formulated VFAS FootAligner, while you stand in a perfectly aligned position – custom weight-bearing inserts that provide instant feedback and effectiveness…all in under 15 minutes!


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