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High-Energy, Multi-Use, Field-Tested Lasers Producing  Optimal Sustained Results

Bio-Wrx is happy to have available for purchase a full line of high-intensity Class 4 diode lasers from Berman Medical Lasers in both continuous and pulse wave.

Berman Medical Lasers provide doctors and clinicians the best quality lasers for photobiomodulation therapy.   These high-intensity devices cut down treatment time by half and yield instant results.  The attached diode feature ensures long life of your laser.  The lasers emit photon energy that absorbs through the skin and rejuvenates the cells and restores the natural healing process of the body.  The regeneration of healing cells such as endorphins and enkephalins through photon technology enhances the pain-relief process with long-lasting reuslts from Berman Medical's photon-induced lasers.  They promote oxygenation that boost recovery of damaged tissue, nerves and cells, along with relieving patients of unwanted pain.

Berman Medical Lasers are engineered to treat muscle pain, inflammation, neuropathy, fungus, skin infections, warts, wounds, etc.  

For more extensive information on each model and suggested pricing, please visit www.bermanmedicallasers.com below.

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