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High-Powered PEMF from
Aura Wellness

A Higher Quality of Wellness

Reduce Pain & Inflammation, Recover Faster From Injury, Increase Range of Motion


Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) directs powerful, pulsed energy waves toward damaged or injured areas, allowing your body to heal naturally. Using PEMF is said to stimulate cell metabolism, increase oxygenation and reduce inflammation.


This action can cause a chain of processes in the body that could lead to improvement of health without adverse side effects. Research involving PEMF has been ongoing since the 1940’s. We proudly carry the Aura Wellness line of PEMF devices for sales and therapy sessions, holding the largest practitioner base in the world with over 1,500 practitioners.

The Body and Magnetic Communication, Health and Oxygenation

Every organ in our body produces its own bio-electromagnetic field. Using an Aura Wellness device is a way to enhance energy fields to improve cellular health and function. The technology behind Aura Wellness devices positively charges blood cells so that they repel one another, making it impossible for them to stick together, while also maximizing the ability of the blood cells to perform their tasks in the capillaries of all the major organs.


This allows us to more efficiently process the electrical and chemical exchanges, addressing imbalances or dysfunctions in those areas, leading to improved adaptation and natural healing.

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How can PEMF help?


PEMF consists of pulsed electromagnetic waves being sent throughout a body to promote whole body wellness. Practitioners often recommend using PEMF along with conventional procedures and medication to help balance electromagnetic fields, which promotes better health and wellness.


The best part is that PEMF is non-invasive and can be applied anywhere. Lasting between 10-30 minutes, PEMF sessions are not painful and there are little to no adverse side effects.

The new Aura Wellness PEMF devices are FDA cleared and can be used for business or personal use.

PEMF is safe and non-invasive with a very low side effect profile.



AURA Wellness is currently registered with the FDA as a manufacturer of medical devices. 

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